Francis Medeis (/ˈfrænsəs med'eɪ/) is the protagonist of Sorcerer's Misery. He is the prince of Eimbus, the center of Praecantian magic.

Appearance Edit

Francis has purple hair and purple eyes. He has fair skin from his being inside almost all the time.

Sorcerer's Misery Edit

In Chapter I - III along with the Epilogue, Francis wears a lavender surplice accompanied by a blue undershirt and purple light pants. He also wears a white capelet and a violet's wizard's hat having a gold rim.

In Chapter IV - X, Francis wears a sackcloth top and bottom and a dusted cape. He wears leather boots and a brown wizard's cap with no adornments. He also wears the golden brace his mother gave him in Chapter III.

Personality Edit

A stern man who doesn't like jokes that often, Francis is a serious prince who only smiles in truly jovilant occassions. He is also introverted, only doing meditation courses all day in some weeks. Despite this, he wants the best for his people even if it means putting his own life at stake--a trait royal folk typically wouldn't do. After his father's death, he desired to become an archsage. He longs to be free of his princehood but worries of his people as well.

Abilities Edit

Using Praecantian magic Edit

All Eimbusi are capable of using Praecantian magic but Francis, as a prince, is capable of using it to its fullest potential when necessary. He can be seen casting protection spells and offense spells that can destroy large portions of land or kill a person. Francis is also capable of using spells without looking a grimoire to recite the incantations showing how knowledgeable he is of the magic arts.

Story Edit

Sorcerer's Misery Edit

Francis was called to help extinguish a burning house in the beginning of the book with an odd plea to not use magic. After the failed attempt to recover the house, more emergencies arise. One week later, they are in an evacuation house prohibiting magic to limit the damage. After finding a missing boy and chastising a student of his, he received a hologram from his mother given by Myrna Miles detailing of two theories as to how the incident began. After arguing his sister Mailie and having an intimate talk with Annaliese, he is ready to go. Regardless of which place they choose, they go to the forest where they see Hagane despairing over the massacre of his clan. After a fight that ensues, Francis and company go to find the source of the incident, encountering terrors. When they finally slay the antagonist, Francis went back to Eimbus to help restore the place. After a month, Francis was baffled upon the explanation of the incident being impossible as all necromancers exiled will be silenced.

Relationships Edit

Melvin Machaera Edit

Melvin and Francis are friends and get along with one another. Francis thinks he can understand more of his own people if he can see what Melvin does.

Mailie Medeis and Yeida Medeis Edit

Francis dislikes Mailie for her disgust over "plebeians" and commoners. Therefore, the siblings often quarrel making Yeida chastise them both. Francis understands this is for their own good and loves his mother so, but doesn't want to be chastised every so often.

Vulpus Kitsune and Morgan Ilore Edit

Vulpus and Morgan are students of Francis in a makeshift school near the Royal Synagogue.

Annaliese Techeniye Edit

Annaliese is Yeida's assistant and thusly Francis' assistant. Francis considers her, however, more as a friend than as an assistant.

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