Melvin Machaera (/ˈmɛlvɪn mæʃə'eɪrɑː/) is the protagonist of Sorcerer's Misery and Disparate Warring Factions. He is a mercenary proficient in swordplay.

Appearance Edit

Melvin has platinum blonde hair with a blue discoloration at the tips. He has beige skin with injuries sustained from training. One of the injuries mostly seen in his appearances is his blinded discolored right eye with its wound still seen. He holds a damascened blade in all of his appearances.

Sorcerer's Misery Edit

He wears a dark green shitagi with gold braces that reach to his elbows. He wears no undershirt save for linen covering his scarred abdomen. He wears a blue hakama with light blue patterns. He wears wooden slippers.

Disparate Warring Factions Edit

Personality Edit

Melvin is an easygoing person in most cases. He's a friendly person who befriends soldiers and royals alike. He however lives a life far apart from society visiting forests and deserts hunting for himself, only returning to society when he's exhausted or requested by company. Among friendly company, he will always poke a few jokes here and there and provides a little fun in their conversations. In incidents, Melvin, despite his easygoing personality, is angry when people are hurt and will try desperately to help himself, even when his life is at risk.

Abilities Edit

Proficiency in swords Edit

Melvin is trained in swordfighting under training from several teachers.

Enhanced strength and endurance Edit

Melvin, as revealed in Chapter IX: Damascus Steel, has a Pyre inside of him, a spirit acting as his second conscience and his power boost. This enhanced strength enables Melvin to do feats ten men can barely do. He also has enhanced endurance enabling him to survive harsh winters and scorching summers.

Story Edit

Sorcerer's Misery Edit

Melvin stayed in Eimbus in the beginning of Sorcerer's Misery and helped a young girl in a burning house. After this ordeal, he learned of an intriguing request to not use magic. After a week, Melvin stayed in an evacuation house with Francis Medeis. After finding a missing student, they get a hologram created by Myrna Miles explaining theories as to how the incident happened--focusing on two: the exile-filled forest of Exoria or the youkai-infested Sankoku range. Regardless on where they decide to head, Melvin and company go to Exoria Forest meeting the sole survivor of the Sokuryoku clan: Hagane. The motley crew continue on encountering enemies until they get to the antagonist and kill her. Melvin then visits a still-recovering Eimbus and learn of a new incident happening in a land of elves.

Relationships Edit

Francis Medeis Edit

Melvin has a platonic relationship with Francis. They helped each other before the events of Sorcerer's Misery and continues to do so.

Sokuryoku no Hagane Edit

Melvin is also friends with Hagane, but has become distanced ever since the incident when Hagane went into rehabilitation from the trauma of seeing his clan getting killed. Melvin plans to write letters to Hagane during this time.

Clarisse Caeli Edit

Melvin has a strong relationship with Clarisse, sometimes even staying at her home when he isn't wandering. Melvin and Clarisse act as very close friends, though it is hinted that they are in love with one another.

Trivia Edit

  • Melvin's clothing design in Sorcerer's Misery is inspired on the portrait of Japanese rounin Miyamoto Musashi created by Utagawa Kuniyoshi.
  • Despite Melvin's enhanced strength, he doesn't want to fight barehanded, rather using swords or sticks.
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